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Make the weather at the front - Donate for combat robots, Save the lives of infantry Donate

A platform for uniting Ukrainians around the world

This project is for Ukrainians around the world to create one strong family. Here you can join people who feel Ukrainian and are proud of it. It is of great importance for the whole nation to unite. If you consider yourself part of a great and unbreakable nation, join us.

Add yourself to the family of Ukrainians!

We have created an interactive map where everyone can join the Ukrainian family with just one click. On our interactive map you can see how many are already near you or add yourself in your country.

Interactive world map.

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Help for the Ukrainian Armed Forces: collecting donations for combat operations

We offer to collect donations for Ukrainian combat robots. Your contribution will do two useful things: save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers and further strengthen the combat potential of the infantry.

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A geography lesson in a Ukrainian school. The teacher calls a student to the board and asks him to show the parts of the world. Stepan approaches the map, shows it to him and says:

The world is divided into left-bank and right-bank.